Our Services

Consultation, analysis, survey development and production of written deliverables including white papers and policy positions.
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Research and Data Analysis


Whether you are trying to collect data through a survey or other means, or perform a literature review, we can support your effort from start to finish.  Careful research design is critical to provide results that form the basis of strategic decision making.  Healthcare providers, payers, and policymakers view our healthcare system through different lenses and need slightly different data sets for analysis.

Implementing Integrative services

We assist hospital systems and large corporations to navigate the complex world of integrative health, from disease prevention to health promotion, employee wellness programs and workplace ergonomics.  Integrative health models vary considerably both in the US and globally - crafting a model that suits your patients' or employees' needs is our specialty.

Health Policy


Evaluating legislation/policy proposals and their impact on health insurance coverage, access to care, and use of health care services is one aspect of our support.  Addressing issues that arise from the inevitable trade-offs among health care costs, access, and quality is another benefit of our expertise. Options beyond the benchmark plans of the Affordable Care Act have wide implications and affect diverse populations from seniors to Native Americans.


We have current senior level experience in policy at the federal and state levels, with support of a registered lobbyist in multiple states and the U.S. Congress, building connections and fostering key relationships with legislators, regulators and related stakeholders. 


We can serve as your chief legislative strategist and single-point leader of all federal and state legislation as well as regulation. We are expert at all aspects of advocacy communications, direct lobbying, presentation of testimony, bill drafting, grassroots mobilization, shepherding legislation and legislative tracking.