Judy Stone, MSW

Judy Stone, MSW, MS-c is the director of the Center for Functional Nutrition in Ann Arbor Michigan. Combining nutrition training with a background in psychotherapy, Judy has been helping people since 1993 learn how to use food and nutrients to prevent, slow or reverse chronic illness and restore health. She is the author of Take Two Apples and Call Me in the Morning: a practical guide to using the power of food to change your life. Judy also operates CFN Farm, a ¼ acre on site, urban, micro-farm used as an educational tool for her clients and to provide fresh produce for a local food pantry as well as for her family. Judy is also on her way to becoming a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

In addition to her practice, Judy serves as the Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS) and its Center for Nutrition Advocacy (CNA). The BCNS mission is to advance human health through the science and practice of professional nutrition care. Certified Nutrition Specialist® professionals are on the front lines using medical nutrition therapy to battle the epidemic of obesity and chronic disease, and the BCNS supports these efforts and certifies nutrition professionals that maintain advanced standards of nutrition competence. CNA’s mission is to bring nutrition to the core of healthcare through its advocacy for forward thinking regulations and other public policies affecting nutrition, those who use nutrition tools in their work and consumers who want access to diverse sources of nutrition advice. The Center’s work is both state and federal.