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Integrative Health -

Integrative health is a collaborative, whole-health person-centered approach to disease management and health creation including lifestyle and social determinants of health, which embraces all evidence-informed health disciplines, both conventional and complementary, in order to achieve optimal health and well-being.

The Opioid Crisis

The US is experiencing a serious public health crisis, losing over 60,000 lives annually, and exceeding $300 billion in lost productivity and healthcare costs.   Incorporating integrative/non-pharmacologic pain management approaches will provide a viable solution both on a state and federal level to reverse this trend.

Spiraling Healthcare Costs

America has the most expensive healthcare system in the world with a per capita cost 249 percent greater than that of other developed nations, yet ranks 37th among the World Health Organization's 191 member states.  Embracing integrative health would reduce cost, improve patient satisfaction, and promote longevity.